Life on board a yacht should be an enjoyable experience, regardless of whether it is at anchor or underway. Wave motion is one of the few factors that can adversely affect life on board. After years of research and development, we are pleased to offer our customers the new Smartgyro stabilizer, to reduce rolling to a minimum.


Whenever there is bad weather and rough seas, the opportunities to fish can be compromised. By installing a Smartgyro gyroscopic system, you will be able to fish safely from the cockpit or the tower, or simply troll in the trough, reducing wave motion and increasing comfort on board. With a simple installation, you will increase the chances of landing a fish while reducing fuel consumption and any risks.


Offshore working boats can be used in critical and difficult situations and operations, and at low speed or when stopped. By adopting the Smartgyro anti-roll system, you will greatly improve operational availability, performance, safety and comfort, as well as increasing income and work opportunities. With the Smartgyro stabilizer you will reduce most of the boat’s roll – your crew will benefit in terms of strength and endurance, and customers will notice the improved comfort on board.


Providing a stable platform on military boats in all sea conditions means an increase in crew safety and improved performance. Patrol boats and minehunters equipped with the Smartgyro stabilizer will be more effective in their military operations even when operating at low speed or drifting.

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