Rated speed                               7.500 rpm
Angolar momentum                  8.000 N-M-S
Acceleration time                       45 min
Power supply                              2.500 Watt
AC input voltage                         230 VAC 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Sea water supply                        20 LPM
Ambient Air Temperature         0°-60° C
Weight                                         500 Kg


Rated speed                             5.500 rpm
Angolar momentum                15.500 N-M-S
Acceleration time                     50 min
Power supply
AC Power                                   3.000 Watt  380 AC 50/60 Hz, Three Phase
DC Power                                  180 Watt 24 Vdc 8 Amp
Sea water supply                      20 LPM
Ambient Air Temperature        0°-60° C
Weight                                        950 Kg

Reduction of Boat Roll

The Smartgyro gyroscope was conceived to ensure an effective reduction of uncomfortable boat roll, with very simple installation and management.
 With the new mechanical dynamic braking system of the precession axis, Smartgyro can instantaneously adjust the generated anti-roll torque, providing the maximum stabilization capacity. It only requires the power supply and a seawater connection for its cooling, and it has no complicated start-up procedures: just start up and go! 
The control unit can show the ship’s pitch and roll angles in real time, as well as its operating parameters and possible failure conditions; it also serves as a remote device for system power on and off. The Smartgyro management and control can be easily integrated in the on-board automation system, allowing remote diagnosis of the whole system.


Smartgyro comes with a 4” display unit for controlling the system and visualizing all the main operation parameters


Inside the gyroscope, several sensors continuously monitor the machine’s correct operation. They test the flywheel bearings and motor temperatures, the inverter operating state, the ship’s movements and the braking subsystem functionality. All information is elaborated by a microprocessor board that will immediately stop the system in the event of a failure.


Smartgyro can be installed at any location in a boat, but the bow area is not recommended in very fast boats.

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