R & D


The Smartgyro engineering department is fully equipped to quickly and accurately respond to the design needs. From the conception of the project to its full completion, we use sophisticated 3D parametric solid modelling software.


To improve the quality of our products, all of our projects are subjected to preliminary structural analysis before construction.


The electronic department uses the latest sophisticated technology for designing hardware and software to create the electronics for our stabilizers, maximizing efficiency, achieving major roll reduction and reducing power consumption.
Thanks to our sophisticated software algorithms, our gyrostabilizers are very efficient in any sea conditions. Most of the electronic devices inside the system are entirely designed and developed by Smartgyro engineers.


To test our gyroscope, we have built a sophisticated test bench with specific software that can accurately simulate roll conditions and measure the produced roll-reducing forces. After construction, each gyroscope is subjected to rigorous testing before shipment.

Via Privata OTO, 10
19134 La Spezia SP - ITALY
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Registered Office:
Viale S. Bartolomeo, 394
19126 La Spezia SP - ITALY

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